#jan25 Urgent Call for: Cleansing of both police and security services in #Egypt. And suspending the work of those who were on since January 25th.

16 فبراير
Translated by: Marwa Galal Hassan 
Arabic version

Request of Supreme Council of Armed Forces to immediately issue a binding decision to cleanse the police and security services and the suspension of those who were on duty since 25th January to clash with protesters until they face trial.

As one of the people of this safe country, and as one of the millions of the protesters of 25th January and on behalf of the families of the martyrs and on behalf of the millions of innocent and peaceful Egyptians – we call on the Supreme Council of he Armed Forces in its capacity of holding the rein of power for this transitional period to issue an immediate binding decision to cleanse the police and security services and the suspension of those who were on duty since 25th January to clash with protesters until they face trial.

This is an important step and it is inevitable to be with immediate effect in order to protect the gains of the revolution as well as ensuring it is a missed opportunity for these men and their aides from the National Democratic party to implement their sabotage plans in retaliation or to stop the revolution from making further success – thus distorting the image of the revolution and to incite the public against the change using safety as an excuse.

Apart from the deliberate killing of unarmed civilians since 25th January – the Egyptian police have fled, which provided a clear example of cowardice at a time of crisis. This is also as well as abandoning heir duty to protect the citizens and endangering the lives and property of millions outside the protesting zones. Thousands of police officers have also implemented the TREASON PLAN ordered by Mubarak and Al-Adly – which needs to bought to a fair trial immediately. They also freed thousands of convicted criminals and armed them as well as providing them with police cars on the dawn of 29th January to carry out acts of robbery and looting.

The officers have returned to their positions even before the overthrow of Mubarak to facilitate once again the same old dirty tricks. The next day after Mubarak stepping down they facilitated the escape of 600 prisoners and convicted criminals from Al Marg prison. Police officers in Alwady Algaded continued killing civilians relying on the media focusing on the events far away from them.

The Egyptian Army – with its skills and patriotism – can play a role in these areas until the completion of this task, this is if the army really wished to be a real contributor to this revolution and not only bless it after its victory – especially as it took a negative stance during very difficult times when police attacked the protesters killing them and setting them on fire.

Many police officers and soldiers have targeted unarmed demonstrators with live ammunition in more than one place. These officers can not return to duty ever. I will not allow those who attempted to kill me and those with me to return to their places. I will not allow it nor accept it. Is this what you wanted? We can not talk about future actions – political or constitutional – whilst ignoring the plans of these people which may delay any future steps. It will be a complete state of chaos in order to facilitate the return of the former regime – which, until this moment, has not been eliminated and only some names have been removed whilst those who have been instigating the killing are still in their places planning their return.

Policemen have killed out colleagues – in front of our eyes –
in every way possible: kicking them, beating them, shooting them, throwing molotovs as well as a huge number of expired tear gad canisters at them. In respect to those who lost their lives – we will not accept any political steps before the fulfilment of this request.

With simple logic and humanitarian sense – we can not forgive them. And with some logic: we can not trust them to fulfil their duties. We are not naive or stupid. And we are not pretending to be talking on behalf of a revolution they did not participate in not faced any harm. We are not like those to leave our urgent duties in order to polish our image and to ensure we have a place on the bodies of martyrs killed by the police. If the police remain there will not be a place to polish images or otherwise. You must understand this (you will steal the success of the revolution but you must let it succeed first). Cleansing of police and security services must be our primary demand if we really want this country to be safe and to maintain the gains of the revolution and continue to achieve its goals without being hampered by traitors and murderers.

The police and security services were never a disciplined body as it was an ally of pro-Mubarak and his regime following it and clearly following its orders – on many occasions it would volunteer to do more in order to achieve its orders – and even being ahead of these orders in order to stop any opposition and even stopping those who complained. Money was the mean to make those officers to join the system of repression and bribery – as they will gain more than they have spent to survive in this corrupt system.
A system of begging and collection. They have been trained on more cruelty by practice and excelled in violating human rights. They became a system comprising those who are ruthless and murderers from all classes of the society each in his role as informer, soldier, deputy and police officer. They have formed a homogeneous slice who collectively aim to serve the regime using brutality against its citizens and failed to save social security. We have often witnessed lack of qualification in the scientific and practical areas in simple cases which require minimal skills of the CID. They never were useful even for simple tasks such as organising traffic or unravel criminal mysteries. They used torture to reach the truth as they failed to reach it using logic, intuition and evidence.
These people have no value or interest attached to them. These services must be cleansed and all former security services mu be dissolved. This means our demand to dissolve the regime also includes this part of this tyrannical regime and the hand which has ensured its continuation. They have tortured, murdered and arrested hundreds of thousands – and in one second they killed more than 450 civilians as they thought that this would end the determination of the protesters and those who were every where demonstrating against Mubarak. Now is the time where we put them in their rightful places. Most of them have chosen to be on the side of the tyrant until the last moment. Now they must stay behind with him. They must be tried and stopped from their duties immediately.


One response to “#jan25 Urgent Call for: Cleansing of both police and security services in #Egypt. And suspending the work of those who were on since January 25th.

  1. Outernationalist

    16 فبراير 2011 at 9:57 ص

    , very logical and vital demands, Amira without which the revolution can be stolen or collapse and people will lose what they gained through blood and sweat and hunger. please keep us updating about the plant that you've sown in the land of Egypt


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