#jan25 #egypt Medical Needs for the Hotline 1492 ‎‎(for injured victims of the Etgyptian revolution)‎‎ خط ساخن 1492 لعلاج جرحى ثورة مصر وبحاجة لبعض التخصصات

19 فبراير
I volunteered with a newly established hotline here in Egypt, which can be dialed from any mobile phone on 1492.
What we do is, take reports on injured victims of the revolution, along with other reports on missing people and martyrs.
But most importantly, we connect injured patients on the national level with doctors and medical centers so that they can get
their treatment and follow up for free preferably since most of them are very poor.
We refer the patients to hospitals that have donated free operations and check ups, doctors too.

We require the following urgently:
– Neurologists and Brain Surgeons (Tabib Mokh we A3sab)  in Alexandria to refer patients to. (Some have paralysis or have bullets still stuck in their heads)
– Centers that will provide free X-Rays and CT Scans etc… in Cairo and Alexandria mainly to refer patients to.
– Pharmacies and Medicine Companies who are willing to give free medicines to the patients in need.
Please call me, Amina Abdel-meguid on 012 799 2222
I will kindly need the following details: You could also sms them to me.
Name and number of Center/Person/ Company in charge of matter :
What they will donate:   Some doctors donate a time period to work with our patients, i.e.  working hours from 1pm – 6 pm.
Some donate a number of cases to be referred to them, i.e. 10 cases.
Others donate a number of procedures, i.e. 30 operations, or 50 X-Rays etc.

Address:      Address of the center, clinic, outlet.

Please note that we will give the patients that we will refer the address, timing, and the name and number of person they will call when they reach the hospital or clinic.

Thank you,

God bless you,


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